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June 2018 – President’s Message

Paul Clark
Dear Schutz family,
We’re looking forward to a fun and relaxing Grand Reunion in a few weeks at the Edgefield Resort in Troutdale, just outside of Portland, Oregon – Friday-Sunday, July 12-15. I hope some of you fence-sitters who haven’t reserved yet will decide to join us. Plenty of good seats still available! We’ll have a picnic outing as part of a tour of Portland’s quirky neighborhoods, short-holes golf and a variety of other fun activities at Edgefield. Check out the reunions page on the website to see what’s planned and who’s coming.

One of the issues we’ll be discussing at the meetings on Saturday is the matter of raising funds for things that we want to do as an organization. We have …. Read more …

2017 Schutz Reunion Recap

by Caroline Kurtz

Another Great Gathering of the Schutz Alumni Community
The 2017 SASAF Reunion
Greetings, friends. If you couldn’t be with us in Pennsylvania, we missed you and we hope you’ll make it to some future gathering. Those who come inevitably comment on the richness of conversations and interactions. Those who didn’t know each other then find it deepens our sense of community to get to know each other as adults now. And even those of us who didn’t have the best experiences at Schutz find it affirming to reconnect with others who share the unique backgrounds of kids who grew up in Egypt and other parts of Africa.
The 2017 reunion, board meeting and general membership meeting began on Friday evening with a Mediterranean feast at Gib McGill’s farm. Paul Clark, Sue (Clark) Knight, Leah Pollock Preston and Jean Stultz outdid themselves in cooking up favorites: hummus, stuffed grape leaves…. read more

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