We are a widely scattered group of alumni of the Schutz American School of Alexandria, Egypt, in the US as the map on the left indicates, but also around the world. On May 13, 1963, twelve students graduated from Schutz School. We gathered for a farewell dinner at Santa Lucia Restaurant in Alexandria, Egypt, and that night it was agreed we would all stay in touch by starting a round robin letter. In February 1964, the first call for news of the twelve went out. There were six round robin letters produced that year. Brothers, sisters, and friends of the class of 1963 indicated they would like to become a part of the community; so it was agreed that anyone who wrote a letter would receive a letter. The years have seen progress from onion skin typed carbon copies to mimeographed copies to printed copies with photos …and from 12 to a mailing list mail list of over 800.

1963 was also the beginning of the Schutz Reunions held the Sunday of the annual New Wilmington Missionary Conference. At first the gatherings were small and we met in a restaurant in New Wilmington. As it grew, arrangements were made to meet at the New Wilmington Community park. The group gathered following the morning worship services, brought food to share and spent the afternoon reminiscing.

A special effort was made in 1974 to celebrate the 50th year of Schutz School. Thirty-one came for an overnight at the YWCA in Wilkinsburg, PA, and then caravaned together to New Wilmington for the gathering and celebration on Sunday afternoon. In 1999, to celebrate the 75th year of Schutz School, over 300 alumni, staff and friends gathered in Slippery Rock, PA. Then in 2004, another Grand Reunion was held in Winter Park, CO, to attract more alumni from throughout the US (and the world). More than 100 Schutzites gathered for a time of relaxation, reminiscing and renewing friendships. In 2007, another Grand Reunion was held in Ottawa, Canada and in 2012 in Washington, DC. Reorganized in 2001 as the Schutz American School of Alexandria Foundation, our purpose is to serve as an association of the alumni, staff and friends of Schutz
American School in Alexandria, Egypt. Our primary objective is to foster remembrances of the school and to enable the renewing of acquaintances and friendships of the alumni, staff and friends through information exchanges newsletters, reunions and other special events.

The Board is responsible for a number of activities which promote the SASAF. These include a continuous effort to locate alumni; maintaining a database of of alumni, staff and friends; encouraging and supporting research and recording of history of the school; planning reunions and special events; maintaining an alumni website; maintaining a relationship with the administration of the school in order to provide information about the school’s operation. To the extent possible, to provide encouragement and support for the operation of Schutz American School in Alexandria, Egypt.

Traditionally (since 1963), we meet for a reunion late in July.

We are now making the slow transition to electronic communications.  Bear with us as we move through this process.