We received this photo from Phil Hanna with the following message –

I was never a student at Schutz, but I did visit in at about age 10, in the early 1960s. My grandparents, Morton and Margaret Hanna, spent part of a year living at Schutz; granddaddy pastored the Anglican church and they lived as house parents in the dorm. My parents were missionaries in Lebanon and we came and spent about ten days at Schutz, hung out at Sidi Bish, and had a good time. I remember two students, an Ann Turnball, and a student, Jimmy, possibly last name of Dinser, in the picture with me. Jimmy and I chummed around for the time we were at Schutz. I wondered if you might try to verify or correct the last name of JImmy Dinser(?). And if that is correct, forward this slide to him with my email.

I am a retired librarian in south central Kentucky and consider my time in the middle east and in Lebanon as instrumental in who I am. I have been scanning old slides and photos and found this one of Jimmy.

I attended Synod schools in Lebanon most of my year in Lebanon except for grades 11 and 12 at which point I went to the American Community School in Beirut, graduating in 1969. I have been in the US since then, only visiting Lebanon twice, most recently in 1974. My parents left the field in 1985.

Sincerely yours,
Phil Hanna
Columbia, Kentucky

Next comes help from Carolyn Pollock who reached out to Herb Garber –

Hi Herb – since you are now doing the email – and I hope this is still the correct address – I got an email out of the blue asking for an identification of a photo of two boys. The one is Philip Hanna, whose Grandparents were on staff teaching Bible for part of a year in the early 60’s, I think, and also, they Pastored the Anglican Church in Alexandria. Philip came to visit and hung out for awhile at Sidi Bish with Jimmy, (whose name he couldn’t remember, so I just identified him and let him know.)
Could you please send Jim’s email address and physical address, if you have it, so I can pass it on? I believe he is in the Wheaton area, but I forgot at which University he is teaching. I did remember the archaeology part. So, it would make Philip very happy to be in touch again.

Next Herb helps out –

Hi Carolyn! I am still pretty new at this computer communication but I’ll give it a try. Jim is now retired from Trinity college in Illinois and has now moved to Paradise, Pa. 17562. (personal messages deleted for privacy) Herb.

And just like that we have reunited two past childhood friends.