What to know who’s going? Here’s a list of people that have registered as of today. Are you on the list? Have YOU registered? Go to www.schutzalumni.org to get your registration in! Time is running out.

Barbara, Patricia (Winkler)
Beck, Ron
Berger, Kathryn
Brooks, Steve
Clark, Paul
Cooke, Ken
Drake, Rebecca
Elliot, Becky
Ginny, Towle
Giffen, Dick
Gwen, Haspels
Haspels, John
Holcomb, Gloria
Hutchison, Ada Margaret
Ivarsen, Ronny
Jamison,  W. Glenn
Jamison, Sandra
Jamison, Stephen
Johnson, Amanda
Johnson, Jeanie
Johnson, Laura Rene’
Knight, Susan (Clark)
Kurtz, Caroline
Leader, Mary Clare
Lindly, Kirk
Lord, Dagny
Martin, Deborah
McEwan, Kenneth D.
Meloy, John
Neely, Deborah
Neely, Mary Beth
Nicholas, Ed
Pattee, Larry/Lavina
Pollock, Bill & Carolyn
Pollock, Edward
Pollock, Ron
Preston, Leah
Reed, George Campbell
Rosser, Carmen
Stultz, Jean
Weaver-Gelzer, Charlotte