My partner, Kathy, and I are still in Joshua Tree, CA, and continue to love living in the high desert. Because we live on the edge of the National Park, we get to frequently enjoy one of our favorite pastimes – hiking.

We closed our consulting business a couple of years ago and are involved now with a couple of community organizations on a volunteer basis.
We also have a small vacation rental cabin on the other end of our 5 acres, which keeps us busy. And my daughter and her husband live close to LA, so we get to see them and our 2 grandsons often.

I am still sculpting and trying to talk myself into doing smaller work! For those who are interested, my work can be seen at

Kathy and I have worked hard to make living in this environment sustainable. We installed both a grey water water system and rain catchment and storage, as well as solar. Kathy manages to keep a vegetable garden flourishing in this desert climate, and is a master composter.

I continue to be grateful to my teachers for the many things they taught me during the 6 years I had at Schutz.

warm regards,

One of Eva’s sculptures –