Annual Schutz Alumni Meeting and Reunion
Inman, South Carolina
July 19-21, 2013

About thirty five members of the Schutz alumni family gathered at the home and farm of Carmen and Dee Rosser in the green hills of northwestern South Carolina for a weekend of reconnecting and reminiscing. There was a group of us from the 1960’s and another representing the 1980’s. Most of us had been students at Schutz, a few were/are teachers or administrators there and some served in both roles. Some of us hadn’t seen each other since our Schutz days!

The Rossers, with help from Amanda Johnson and many other hands, couldn’t have been more hospitable! They arranged for meals at a local Greek restaurant, a big catered lunch, a bluegrass band from Norway, a wonderful display of music by the Rosser family, followed later by a fireworks display and a bonfire. There was plenty of time to visit.

The occasion included a meeting of the SASAF Board and the annual meeting of the alumni. President Paul Clark spoke of the SASAF Board’s goal of stimulating a broader interest among Schutz alumni to be a part of our organization and to come to reunion gatherings. The Board is in the process of creating an attractive and sophisticated website, where news – class by class, as well as for the whole — can be posted, and dues collected. Nathan Walker, the current Head of Schutz, reported that 2013 The George and Mary Lou Meloy Scholarship of $1500 was awarded to graduating senior Raya Mukherjee.

Nathan made the trip from Washington state, in spite of flight difficulties! Nathan spoke to the group about the current situation at Schutz, and in Egypt. He is optimistic about the future of both. Schutz is thriving with a student body that is more than half Egyptian. The school continues to embody the motto: “Schutz is family.” The unrest in Egypt has not caused a loss in either students or staff. The recent overthrow of President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood involved more of the Schutz students and families (supporting the Army’s action) than had the ouster of Mubarak a couple of years ago. However, Nathan feels that Schutz, Alexandria and Egypt are safe for most residents and visitors. We appreciate Nathan’s continuing efforts to connect with SASAF.

Also as part of the meeting, Jean Stultz, who “retired” this past weekend from the board, was honored for all that she has done for the past 50 years to keep the Schutz family connected. On behalf of all of us, Paul presented Jean with a gold cartouche necklace that Nathan brought with him from Alex. On one side of the cartouche “Schutz” is inscribed in Arabic. On the other side, “family.” Jean spoke in response. She called Bill and Carolyn Pollock forward, saying they have been her consistent support throughout.

The terms of these SASAF Board members have ended: Amanda Johnson, John Meloy, Marina Moraitis, Ed Nicholas, Bill Pollock, and Jean Stultz. The board adopted a resolution offered by Steve Jamison thanking John, Marina and Jean for their service. The alumni present elected the following to the Board: Ronny Ivarsen, Amanda Johnson, Susan (Clark) Knight, Ed Nicholas, Bill Pollock and Kim (Smith) Hunter.
Kathy Winkler, a member of the 2015 Grand Reunion Committee, reported to the board on the reunion planning. She said that the group recommended that the meeting be held July 17-19 of that year, at the 4-H Center in Washington, D.C. The Board adopted this recommendation, so it is time to start passing the word everyone!

A few of us 60’s alumni traveled to Aiken, SC for another reunion with the Tony and Ruth Holmes Cordahi. Mr. Tony played the piano and remembered many of the members of his choir with – “Steve was a baritone! And “Carolyn – a soprano!” It was a profound ending to a week-end that reminded me – and all of us – of how vital Schutz was in our young years. It was fun and meaningful to revisit the Schutz friendships. I’ll be back next year!

Mary Beth Neely