Welcome to our newly designed website! We’re well on our way to making it easier for you to stay active in the Schutz community. There will be new ways to:
•Find out how to contact old Schutz friends and what happened to them.
•Learn what’s new (and old!) within our extended Schutz community.
•Hear about what’s happening at Schutz School today.
•Be informed on upcoming Schutz alumni reunions and events, as well as look back at recent and past gatherings.
•Remember the past through images in our photo and video archive.
•Glean information about our organization and the programs we sponsor.
•Read board and membership meeting minutes and other SASAF documents.
•Pay dues easily on-line…. and more!

Protected Site

This will be a protected site, so in the future your information will be visible only to registered members of our organization. If you haven’t registered previously on our site, it’s easy. Just go to the box for signing up for our email newsletter and Subscribe.

A highlight of the site is a “Dear Jean” section for news and updates from Schutzites around the world, replacing the old mailed newsletter that our own Jean Stultz managed so ably. Everyone is encouraged to post their personal news here, what’s going on in your life and what you did after Schutz. For now, Jean continues to send us the news that comes her way to be shared with the wider Schutz community via the website Dear Jean page. For those who prefer, there will be a mechanism to let us know you want to receive news in print.

At the 2015 Grand Reunion in Washington, D.C., July 9-12, this new website design was presented by Ed Nicholas and was well received. Check out other highlights of the reunion here (there were many!), see the attendance list, read a recap of events and letters and comments received afterwards, and see photos documenting the fun.

So what else is new?
•A group of thirteen of us traveled to Alexandria in June 2015 to join in the School’s celebration of its 90th anniversary. I was one of the group and can tell you it was a wonderful week of warm welcomes, the chance to see Schutz and Alex as it is today, rub shoulders with students and faculty, tour the fabulous new Bibliotecha Alexandrina, and much more. Look for a write-up with photos of that visit on this website.

•One of the things we did at this year’s reunion was to go to the State Department for meetings with Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Anne Patterson, and Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Non-Proliferation, Tom Countryman. What a great opportunity it was to hear directly from those in the know on what’s going on in Egypt and how U.S. policy toward Egypt and the region is positioned. It was clear from what they told us that our Government encourages groups like ours to build human bridges with Egyptian society, and what better bridge exists than what we all feel for Schutz and Egypt? We have started exploring with the School things we might do in partnership to share our legacy and talents with the students today, and I believe that State will be there to help make it happen. Look for more on such initiatives on this website.

•The Board decided to hold our next annual reunion in summer 2016 in Oregon. We decided three years ago to move these gatherings around the country so that more of us can get involved. We will be continuing this practice. At the Grand Reunion in Washington, the membership agreed to assign the Board the responsibility of determining the venue for the 2018 Grand Reunion, so stay tuned for news on that, as well.

Let’s make the new website project a success. It will depend on you to make good use of it as the way of keeping in touch, posting news and other things that are of interest to us all, visiting it periodically to know what’s being planned and how we can keep this community alive and vibrant.

Until later,

Paul Clark

Class of 1968