Dear Schutzites:

The July 21-22 reunion at the Stultz farm in Butler was a great success. Thanks to Jean and Al for all the work they did to host the gathering, and to Gib and Merrianne McGill for hosting the Friday evening dinner. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to attend this year; thanks to everyone for their understanding and generous warmth to my family on the untimely loss of our daughter, Maryelena. You can visit the Reunions page on the website to read the nice summary written by Caroline Kurtz on this year’s get-together, and view some photos.

Our Grand Reunion next year will be at the charming Edgefield resort center just outside Portland, Oregon July 13-15. We have reserved a bloc of rooms at the venerable hotel but they are going fast! If you plan to attend the reunion and would like to stay at Edgefield, call the hotel reservations number and be sure to reference the Schutz alumni code to book your room. There are several other affordable hotels nearby that you can choose, listed on the SASAF website. Note: for those who might want to stay at Edgefield but look for a more economical option, there are upper-floor men’s and women’s hostel rooms. Nothing like bunk-bed togetherness to get into the old Schutz spirit!

At the Butler reunion the group endorsed the development of an initiative by Charlotte Gelzer-Weaver and Alice Meloy for an on-line “Wiki-Schutz” that would allow our community to join in creating a personalized history of the School. We look forward to having more details soon.

The George and Mary Lou Meloy Scholarship program should be getting new life in the coming years. It’s still alive and well, but a fortuitous meeting a few weeks ago in Addis Ababa with Schutz’s incoming new Head of School next year, Michael Schooler (currently at the International Community School in Addis), gave me the opportunity (finally!) to explore some changes making the scholarship a program that could contribute directly to enhancing the life of the school.

In July we retained SASAF directors Bill Pollock, Susan (Clark) Knight, Amanda Johnson and Ed Nicholas for another board term. We also welcomed a new director, Marilyn Watkins from the class of 1968.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving this year, and I look forward to seeing you next July in Portland!

Paul Clark (’68)