2017 President’s Message
Dear Schutzites:
Greetings to everyone! It’s been a while since writing to you, and your Board has been hard at work, and I’m pleased to say there are exciting developments to report.

REUNIONS: Another winter is here and it’s time to make plans to attend next summer’s reunion. We will return to that old-time favorite, the Stultz farm in Butler, PA north of Pittsburgh Friday-Saturday July 21-22. The New Wilmington Mission Conference that starts on that Sunday, and we hope that might work for some people who otherwise couldn’t make it to Portland this past summer.. We will be sending out details on the schedule and hotel arrangements in the coming weeks. About 35 Schutzites, spouses, family members and friends gathered last summer for the annual mini-reunion at the venerable 74-acre McMenamins Edgefield resort just outside Portland, Oregon. It’s a very comfortable old-style hotel with over 100 guest rooms, vineyards and gardens, great restaurants, a soaking pool, a bonfire pavilion, a short-holes golf course, and an outdoor amphitheater that hosts popular musical performances all summer long. Caroline Kurtz, Dagny (Johansen) Lord and Cynthia (Beck) Croasdaile did a great job making the arrangements for our reunion last August.

The Board voted to hold the 2018 Grand Reunion in the same place. The dates haven’t been set yet, but stay tuned for more information on the plans – it’s really a nice setting and Oregon is a beautiful place to visit in the summer!

WEBSITE: Our new website is now up and we are turning it into a great way for us to stay connected, learn about our old classmates and how to get hold of them, get updates on what everyone is doing, find out what’s going on at Schutz today, pay annual dues, register for reunions, browse our photo library of Schutz as it was and is today, and much more. We’re also exploring the idea of putting a “Wiki-Schutz” up on the website where you can read everything that was Schutz and add your contributions to its history, your fond memories and experiences about the times you remember and what Schutz meant for you – an idea suggested by Charlotte Gelzer-Weaver at the Portland reunion.

If you haven’t yet done so, please register on the website to allow you full access to the members-only sections. Just select “Register” under the “Membership” tab and you can do it in minutes. All personal contact data and other private information will be available only to SASAF-registered members. And while you’re at it, please use the website to get current on dues! The Board slightly increased annual dues to $30 so that we can cover our expenses… You can see who’s current (and who’s not!) by going to the “My Account” tab where you can use PayPal to make your payment. Alternatively, you can pay your dues by check to the following address:

SASAF TAX EXEMPT STATUS: I’m pleased to report that we have now restored our 501(c)(3) status with IRS as a registered charitable organization. This will enhance our ability to do more to make a difference at Schutz. With that in mind, the board is spearheading the revision of the George and May Lou Scholarship. We want to re-focus it on building a tradition of community service at Schutz so that students can learn the value of contributing. Once we have worked out a plan with the School administration, we hope that you will be able to help us with your contributions.

Let 2017 be a healthy and happy year for everyone,

Paul Clark ‘68