You ask about us, so here’s a “news brief.” Otis continues in very good health and an active, “working” life with his volunteer activities in welding and metalworking for Mobility Worldwide, which makes vehicles for disabled people in over 100 countries; and in woodworking to supply needs here at PRC. I, after a “rocky road” in May–July of 2017, have continued recuperating wonderfully and am able to enjoy normal life again. We just returned from a trip to Ohio and Pennsylvania for two family reunions, plus a marvelous three-day holiday in a cabin with our oldest son, Bob, and his wife in West Virginia’s beautiful Blackwater Falls State Park! This will be a blessed summer for us, as we will have the rare privilege of visits from each of our children, even though not all at once.

Wilma was a teacher at Schutz in Assiut 1951-1955.
Otis worked with Bob Turnbull on the Afadra Project
through Assiut College.