Since March Herb and I have been living at our downsized home in the farmhouse where Herb’s parents retired. (It is also where we started housekeeping 40 years ago. We lived there for five years.)

Our new address is 2394 Bossler Rd., Elizabethtown, PA 17022, and our new email address is [email protected].

We continue to help our son Joel, who has taken over the home farm. Sharon helps with the calf feeding and Herb is able to contribute with tractor driving jobs. Our daily schedule often has doctor appointments, but we are thankful for what we are still able to do.

God is good. We find that it is helpful to know about Sharon’s aphasia. Herb is scheduled for a left knee replacement on December 19th.

Sharon and Herb would love to hear from Schutzites. Please send emails and/or letters.