I rejoice as God continues to work in me for His good pleasure as I share His love with others in my travels.

I love God’s extra blessing, the picture above is of the Bister family and some of our family, we have been friends with them for over 20 years. They still work with Wycliffe in Africa, they are in the USA for two months sharing in churches and needed transportation. What a blessing it was to visit with them, when they picked up Dave’s truck to use while they are here.

This is what Jeni wrote when I told her she could use the truck:

HI Leah! “What wonderful news! Imagine Uncle Dave helping us with cars and travel from Heaven! I get a teary smile!”

We have bought our tickets for the trip to Nampula, Mozambique so we can work with Evanjáfrica . We will be leaving August 14, 2018, we are a small team, yet I am sure we are the team that God has called to serve Him this time as we continue building the new school at Evanjáfrica . There has already been another team from the USA who started the building, working alongside the Mozambique team. We will be picking up the work by pouring floors, placing windows and doors and putting on the roof. Three of the four on the team will be staying for almost a month so we should be able to see this building close to finished. I am excited about working long side the Mozambican team who are the glue that holds the project all together.