Spring is on the way and we can now see different flowers and leaves starting to grow here in North Carolina. I was out looking at the growth this morning and took a few pictures. It reminds me of how my plans for ministry in 2019 are coming together.

This is a tree in my front yard. I know there is promise of new life for the tree but it is always the last one to find new growth in the spring. That reminds me of the projects I am looking at leading in the future. I have ideas and keep looking for them to develop but no matter how long I stand and look at them, nothing will happen until God says it is time.

Heather and I planted this rhododendron five years ago and every spring we get to see beautiful flowers like this. The work of planting them was done long ago, so it is easy to work with them to keep the plants growing. This reminds me of all the people and volunteers who have been working in SC after the floods last year. The work has begun and just needs more of us to come along side and keep things moving forward. March 3 – 10, I plan to go back to Myrtle Beach and do just that.

Heather and I planted these tulips at the same time. They also come up every spring and look beautiful. As I wait for the tree to push out its leaves, and the bigger SERVE projects to come together I have signed up and joined Refuge 139. Like the tulips it is beautiful and all over the place.


I made a decision to go on a short-term mission trip with Refuge 139, a program especially designed to minister to the kids of missionaries (MKs) around the world. Having been an MK and having raised MK’s as well as planned programs for MK’s when we had conferences during our years with Wycliffe, I am excited to be able to become part of their new program.

May 30-June 16 I will be going to India to help lead a VBS program especially developed for MKs living there. While their parents are in meetings, I will have the opportunity to minister to their children who are faced with unique challenges such as transitions to and from these countries and their home countries and friends coming and going in their lives. Our team will offer a safe and fun environment for these MKs to grow together and in their relationship with God.

Like the tulips, Refuge 139 is all over the place. I am seeking the Lords leading to see if I should join them in other parts of the world in the future.

Please continue to pray for me as I continue to go out and serve with love, pray for safety in my travels, as well as the addition funds I will need for my trips. I am always in awe of the way God meets my ever need and leads me in His perfect timing. I love partnering with other groups and hope to do more of it in the future.

Serving in Love, Leah Preston