From: Fran Jordan <> Dave Jordan Schutz Class of 1965  Subject: Prai Update January 14  Date: January 14, 2017 at 9:51:42 AM EST

God’s blessings…..

Thank you to all who prayed for the Prai conference held at Sandy Creek elementary school over New Years Eve with many new believers from Sandy Creek. Tents of those from other villages ringed the back of the school playing field.  Prai from across the border were disappointed not to come, but they were allotted two days by the government to have a Christmas celebration  there.  It fell on the days of the conference, and could not be dropped or changed.

The first full day of meetings an unseasonal drizzle began and lasted the rest of the conference.  This limited  the outdoor activities and also soaked the insides of some of the tents.  It did not dampen the good interest in the Bible teaching  sessions, however, which was on the story of Joseph.  The young ladies did a wonderful job with children’s classes, and Dave taught two men’s sessions and Kari and I each led a women’s session.  

All the work of planning, transportation, gathering everything needed, and setting up was a big effort, but a great opportunity for many to serve.  The school principal attended the last meal of the conference, and seemed very pleased to have our group there.  

The Sunday after the conference Dee and Shy were happy to see a number of new people at the Sandy Creek evening teaching meeting.  Mark 4:26 and 27 talk about seed being scattered, then sprouting and growing, even though the farmer did not see it  or know just how it happened.  It surely is a miracle to see God’s Word sprouting and growing in lives that were very dead in sin.  Please pray for endurance for those who are teaching and helping with the many new believers and seekers.

And more blessings…  January 11 and 12 we invited Dr. Somchai and his wife to to speak to the Prai on marriage and family – continuing from his teaching last January.  A nearby Thai church allowed us to use their facility and some from there joined us.  Dr. Somchai represents Focus on the Family organization in Thailand, and he and his wife have a very active ministry speaking and producing written material on biblical family principles.  About 60 joined together for these sessions, and we are praying that many will be applying what they heard in their lives.


God’s protection…..
Did you know that Thailand has the highest road fatality rate (per 100,00) in the world.  This does not surprise us as we have seen many fatal accidents, and know countless people in our community who have died in road accidents.  Your prayers for wisdom and alertness when on the roads, as well as God’s protection for us and our team are much appreciated.  
Last month a young Christian from Gem Forest hit a motorcycle and killed the driver.  The driver was intoxicated and driving erratically in the oncoming lane. Two nights ago Lian, our Lawa coworker, hit a motorbike when making a turn.  The motorbike driver had been drinking, had no lights on (in the dark), and no helmet, driver’s license or registration.  We are thankful the man lived, and no one was hurt in Lian’s pick-up.   All this does take a toll in time and expense.  

Looking to Jesus,  Dave and Fran