Reminiscing and reconnecting were highlights of the Schutz reunion in Inman, South Carolina, in July 2013. Here is a list of those in attendance who gathered from near and far.



Attendance List
Name                                                                 Class of, years, or relationship
Paul Clark                                                          1968
Jean Stultz                                                         1959-63 staff
Kathy Winkler Berger                                       1976
Steve Berger                                                      spouse
Carmen Werking-Rosser                                  1986
Dee Rosser                                                        spouse
Stella Wall                                                         family
Leigh Nelson                                                     family
Gilbert Nelson                                                   family
Hans Rosser                                                      family
Noah Rosser                                                      family
Catherine Rosser                                              family
Amanda Johnson                                              1985 (’82-’83)
Joseph Johnson Kopelman                               family
Amelia Verderosa                                             family
Mary Beth Neely                                               1965
Marcel                                                               musician
Lisa                                                                    musician
Lavina Pattee                                                    1967-68 staff
Larry Pattee                                                      1993-99 staff
Nathan Walker                                                 2010- present (headmaster)
Steve Brooks                                                     1965
Sherri Brooks                                                    spouse
Steve Jamison                                                   1958-65
Patricia Jamison                                                spouse
Greg Walters                                                     1968-1985 (1987 staff)
Ron Walters                                                      1966-1999 staff
Janie Walters                                                     1966-1999 staff
Dawn Walters-Jenkins                                      1970-1988 (1993-95 staff)
Alexandre Byron-Exarcos                                 1961-1965
Carolyn Pollock                                                  1966 (not there for senior year)
Dave Hamm                                                       1981-85
Rob Sanders                                                      1980-84
Bill Pollock                                                          1959-66 & 1971-73
Bob Kraft                                                            1954-65 & 1976-85
Diane Powell                                                      1982-84
Barbara Wing                                                     1983-84
Rob Wing                                                            spouse

Schutz students                         17
Schutz staff                                  8
Family members                        13
In attendance                            36