See Who’s Coming to the 2021 Reunion!

Take a look at the people that have registered as of March 29th –

Bill and Carolyn Pollock – Hosts
Jean Stutz
Jeannie (Jordan) Byer
Alice Meloy and David Bowdle
Stephen and Patricia Jamison
Ron Pollock
Charlotte Weaver-Gelzer
Leah (Pollock) and Don Vander Ploeg
Paul Clark
Deborah and Timothy Martin
Jane Meloy
Penny Sue (Pollock) and John McFarland
Gordon and Emylyn Kraft
Bob Kraft
W. Glenn Jamison
Cleo (Prohme) and Gary Messinger
Ginny Towle (Pollock)
Kenneth and Sue Kraft
George and Susan Reed
Pam (Parr) Turner
Joyce (Gordon) Thomson
Paul and Ellen Wilson
Russel and Merry Kraft
Tom and Jean Bower
Mark and Susan Shopland
Sandra Jamison
Thomas Pollock
Gwenyth and John Haspels
Ed Nicholas and Susan Oliveri

Come see your friends and have a great time!

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